Early career journey specialists

VEEA - Our name reflects your career journey:

Origin: late 18th century: from Latin, ablative of via ‘way, road

Meaning: travelling through (a place) en route to a destination.

Graduate Employability


Our specialist corporate readiness and employability programmes are designed with the purpose of preparing graduates to launch their careers with confidence.


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Early Career


Our early career programmes and skills workshops are designed to support employees with their transition into the workplace and in their early career development.


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We offer individual and group coaching to support employees at each level of their early career journey - with the focus to build a strong foundation.


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Our purpose


Our mission is to help graduates across Africa prepare for and thrive in their transition from university into the work place and to support young professionals during the first phase of their career path. Our diverse country and history means that each individual has a unique challenge to overcome during their early career. We equip graduates and young professionals with the support structures, skills and mindset to set them up for success.


For the individual: It is in the preparation and early stages of your career where you have a unique opportunity to craft and build a solid foundation from which your career will grow. 


For employers: Various studies have shown that universities don't adequately prepare graduates for the world of work and that graduates generally lack some of the 'basic skills' expected. The truth is that for some individuals it is actually not as straight forward as employers often expect. Through our programmes graduates become more prepared to transition and settle into their new roles and environment quicker and work more productively faster.  Young professionals are equipped to deal with the challenges of going through one of the biggest life transitions.


What our clients say

"The training provided invaluable nuggets of information which makes me feel more at ease, embarking on my journey as a candidate legal practitioner".

"The training was definitely a confidence booster and it prepared me well to integrate into the working environment"

"The coaching helped me find solutions to things I struggle with and helps me to feel comfortable in challenging situations.