Our founder's personal passion! We offer individual as well as group coaching programmes throughout the early career journey. It is during these sessions that learnings from training sessions are embedded, camaraderie in a cohort is formed, foundational habits are created and career plans are crafted.


We are seeing an increase in mid-career individuals that suffer from burn out. If your employees are given the opportunity during their early career to 'exercise' and put practical tools in place that will help them when they reach the tipping point, it might look different for them. Coaching could  also assist employees becoming stronger leaders and increase employee engagement.


Individual coaching programmes can range from 6 to 12 sessions. It can start in a graduate's final year in preparation for the transition and flow into the employment phase. Or it can start at any point during the early career stage.


Group coaching or Action Learning Sets is an oppotunity for a cohort or team to step back, take a breath, assess, learn from one another and plan how to move forward. It also builds camaraderie. Research shows that a high level of camaraderie will result in greater success fostered by the sense of belonging and mutual purpose.