Corporate Readiness and Employability 


Studies have shown that employer expectations of graduates' skills (especially interpersonal or "softer" skills) and what universities delivier don't match up. This leads to students and employers finding the transition challenging and sprinkled with frustration. 


Our corporate readiness and employability skills training programmes are designed to fill this gap. . 


We have two core focus areas: Professional Services sector and Diversity Led Events.


In the professional services sector specifically, there is an underutilised period between recruitment and starting date. Graduates can be upskilled during this period to make their transition easier and likelihood of success greater.  


We also offer Diversity Led Employability Events. The concept is simply to enhance student employability whilst showcasing the results to employers in an unbiasd, socially inclusive manner. Each event is tailored around an industry skill-set, diversity demographic or geography. Consisting of a range of round-table discussions, group challenges, debates, presentations and networking, the events are in the format of a live assessment centre and designed to maximise engagement between employers and graduates. The events have been delivered successfully virtually and in-person.


Benefits to employers include:


Easy to measure candidate attraction and conversion

Speeding up transition

upskilling post contracting will ensure graduates can hit the ground running 

Immediate interaction

Quickly identify those participants with the right skills, strenghts and ambitions for your organisation

Bespoke & wide reaching

Target new audiences or those with a specific skillset, diversity profile, location or inustry interest